A Window into the Past With our new Image Archive

A Window into the Past With our new Image Archive

A picture tells a thousand words...

David Osbourne, Writer

David Osbourne


Let TheGenealogist take you back in time!

We all want to know more about what life was like in the times of our ancestors…and old photographs provide the perfect opportunity to look through a window into the past. With this in mind, TheGenealogist has become the first family history website to launch a dedicated new ‘Image Archive’, which includes hundreds of unique 3D photos and thousands of standard images dating from 1850 to 1940!

Search the Image Archive at TheGenealogist.co.uk
Search the Image Archive at TheGenealogist.co.uk

The new ‘Image Archive’ is a free to use service that allows researchers the opportunity to relive the past through the eyes of your ancestors at: www.TheGenealogist.co.uk/imagearchive

‘Diamond’ subscribers to TheGenealogist will have further access to the Image Archive to download the images in a high resolution format for the greatest possible clarity.

Find images quickly and easily

The Image Archive is fully searchable using the title of the photo itself, or just add a ‘keyword’ to narrow down your search. All the photos are rated so you can see which photos are of the highest quality. There’s also a selection of main search categories and sub-categories to help you find photos of interest, quickly and easily.

The images are all named and tagged so they can be easily identified. They are also rated for quality so you can see how good the picture is before you download it.

Find local churches where you ancestors may have been baptised or married, pictures of towns and cities where your forebears may have lived and worked, and discover how people worked and lived their lives.

The pictures really give a flavour for what life was like for our ancestors.

The Third Dimension

Hundreds of the images are available in stunning 3D to really bring the past to life!

With scenes of the hustle and bustle of ‘Market Day’ to the drama of war, there’s a selection to view as both 3D moving images or as 3D ‘Red blue’ images or in a standard format if you prefer. Digitally enhanced by creative experts at TheGenealogist, add a greater depth to that photo from the past!

From TheGenealogist's Image Archive (click image to see 3D effect!)
From TheGenealogist's Image Archive (click image to see 3D effect!)
3D images from TheGenealogist's Image Archive (click image to see 3D effect!)
3D images from TheGenealogist's Image Archive (click image to see 3D effect!)
Serving tea during the Boer War (click image to see 3D effect!)
Serving tea during the Boer War (click image to see 3D effect!)

Included in the first series of photographs in the Image Archive is the drama and experiences of World War One and the earlier Boer War, with photo footage of both the military and social aspects of these conflicts. Here we see Boer War soldiers (right).

Experience not only the battle scenes but the other moments of army life including the camaraderie and extensive travel our ancestors had to endure in an army career, in glorious 3D.

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Many other scenes are available in a standard format to view, with images not only from the British Isles but also internationally, with scenes ranging from Aldershot to Zanzibar.

Take a look into how they lived and worked…

Many of our ancestors had skilled occupations and jobs we know very little about. However, a picture can really tell a story and allow us to get a feel for how they lived and worked. Here, for example, we see the group spirit of the workers from Goodall’s Auctioneers, along with the rural apple pickers hard at work.

Images from TheGenealogist's Image ArchiveImages from TheGenealogist's Image Archive
Images from TheGenealogist's Image Archive

Now and then: how times have changed

images from TheGenealogist's Image Archiveimages from TheGenealogist's Image Archive
images from TheGenealogist's Image Archive

It’s not just occupational trends that have changed since our ancestors’ times. The rapid pace of development has seen whole cities and towns change beyond recognition. This makes it even more important to get a feel for how things were at the time when researching our family history.

Before the introduction of new inventions such as the motor car, the discovery of electricity, or the effects of Second World War bombings, our towns and cities looked much different, with mainly horse and carriages as modes of transport.

For those of us with relatives who lived in more rural areas, the Image Archive provides access to photographs of how our forebears lived and worked over a hundred years ago, giving us a real taste of how life would have been in those days.

Explore the world of our ancestors

The Strand & Charing Cross from TheGenealogist's Image Archive
The Strand & Charing Cross from TheGenealogist's Image Archive

As an example, in this case we know from previous research our ancestor lived and worked near The Strand, in London. To get a feel for how life was, we can find an image from the time our relative would have spent in that area. We simply search for ‘The Strand and Charing Cross’ and find the image to the right.

We find an image from yesteryear and we can imagine our ancestor walking down the road to his workplace.

The image archive on TheGenealogist is a continually expanding resource for those looking for quality images of the past they are available in various formats and ready to add benefit to any family history research collection.

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