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Christmas Fun and Games - Victorian style! 13th December 2013

As the party season is well underway, it’s that time of year when people want to relax, celebrate, have fun and really make the most of the Christmas festivities. As families, friends and work colleagues look to enjoy their time together and to enjoy each other’s company we take a look at the popular Victorian party games people used to play back in the 1850s.

Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas 11th December 2013

Unsure what to buy the family historian you know this Christmas? Save money and get that perfect Christmas present with the S&N Genealogy Supplies Top 10 recommended Christmas List. Take a look at our 2013 Christmas Gift Range designed to whet the appetite of everyone researching their family history or even as a treat for yourself…

Discovering your ancestors' War Records through their Occupations 11th December 2013

The First World War involved so many people it is highly likely most of us will have an ancestor who volunteered or who was called up to "do their bit". Many family historians go straight for the usual military records when searching for war service details, but there are other great sources of information that can provide you with details of what your ancestors did in the war.

A tale of heroism: remembering the ordinary people who made an extraordinary sacrifice 14th November 2013

As we commemorate Remembrance Day, we turn our thoughts to the sacrifices made by our ancestors in the major wars and conflicts of the past. As the wars touched so many people’s lives, there are numerous stories of dedication, heroism, medals awarded and tragic loss of life. Using the selection of military records available on TheGenealogist we look at two young British soldiers lost in World War One fighting for a cause they were dedicated to.

A Window into the Past With our new Image Archive 28th October 2013

Photographs are an important part of our family history. They bring our records to life and allow us to feel a personal connection with the past. This newly released 'Image Archive' is free to use, and will allow you to look at snapshots of the past, with the ability to download the images so you can add them to your records.

Militia Records 7th October 2013

The Militia Act of 1757 provided for men at home to serve in a militia in order to counter any threat, while the majority of the regular army was stationed abroad. Lists of eligible men in each parish were known as militia ballot lists and from these, the men actually chosen appeared in the militia lists.

From self-raising flour to hair-raising excitement 1st October 2013

We look at the history behind one of Britain’s great film studios, Pinewood Film Studios. The studios have played host to many productions over the years from huge blockbuster films to television shows, commercials and music videos. It is known as the home of the Carry On and Superman films, and most significantly the James Bond film series.

John Simpson 24th September 2013

Broadcaster John Simpson has reported from more than 120 countries, including thirty war zones, and has interviewed a number of world leaders. He discovers a family history just as dramatic as some of the events he's covered in his long career.

Marianne Faithfull 17th September 2013

Singer and '60s pop icon Marianne Faithfull has been in the media since she first began her career. The heroic resistance of her ancestors in Nazi occupied Europe and their defiance and then horrific experiences under the invasion of the Russians in 1945 may explain both the enduring strength and the troubled life she has led over the years.

Sarah Millican 10th September 2013

Comedienne and writer Sarah Millican, born Sarah King, has appeared and hosted a number of TV shows. One of Sarah's ancestors had a difficult and dangerous working career, while her maternal line provides a link to an ancestor with an interesting element to their life.

Nitin Ganatra 4th September 2013

Best known for his role as Masood Ahmed in the BBC soap opera 'EastEnders', Nitin Ganatra traces his family history this week. He discovers how his ancestors overcame a number of hardships in life - including one relation who was married at just 6 years old!

Over One Million Apprenticeship Records 1st September 2013

Apprenticeships have a long history, and had become very popular by the 14th Century. To become an apprentice, the parents or guardians of the minor would speak with a Guild's Master craftsman to agree the conditions and price, which would then be recorded in an indenture. The apprentice would usually learn for 5-9 years, depending on the trade and the agreed contract.

Nick Hewer 28th August 2013

Nick Hewer is a former public relations consultant best known as an advisor to Lord Sugar on the UK version of the BBC television show 'The Apprentice' and as a host of Channel 4's gameshow 'Countdown'. Nick's ancestors made the world a safe place, saving lives and influencing politics.

Gary Lineker 21st August 2013

Gary Lineker OBE is England's second highest goal scorer of all time and is a well- known TV personality. The Lineker family had developed a tradition of working in the fruit and vegetable business in the Leicester area for many years. Gary would help his father on the market stall, and this continued even when he became a professional footballer!

Lesley Sharp 14th August 2013

Lesley Sharp joins the ranks of celebrities this week to take the journey through their family's past on 'Who Do You Think You Are?'. She is a well-known actress both in films and television. Her story shows a family history of adoption, fostering and poor families struggling to survive against the odds.

Minnie Driver 7th August 2013

Amelia Fiona Driver was born in London in 1970 to successful Swansea businessman and financial advisor, Ronnie Driver and his girlfriend, Gaynor Millington. Ronnie was married at the time to his first wife Annie and led a secret double life. Annie had given birth to another daughter Kate in 1969 but both families were unaware of each other's existence.

Have you a black sheep in your family tree? 1st August 2013

The new selection of Criminal Register Records available on TheGenealogist may help shed light on a family relative who broke the Law and paid the consequences. With records dating back to before civil registration began, they are another useful source of early information for family historians.

Ship Crew Lists at TheGenealogist.co.uk 31st July 2013

TheGenealogist has launched a new resource for those with sea going ancestors. It gives details of over 439,000 Royal Navy and Merchant Seamen records which are searchable by name, rank, age and ship. The full crew list can be displayed for any of the ships. Covering the years 1851-1911, these include lists and agreements for those involved in merchant shipping and ship crews for those at home ports, sea and abroad.

Royal Babies - A Cause for Celebration! 31st July 2013

A new Royal baby is a momentous occasion, providing a time of great cheer for a nation. It's the same now as it was for our ancestors many years ago, who would also enthusiastically celebrate news of a Royal birth. With the birth of the future king, the third in line to the throne, TheGenealogist has taken a look at previous Royal babies and where and when they were born.

Nigel Havers 31st July 2013

Well known film and television actor Nigel Havers has made a career playing upper class characters, and has been a well-known actor for almost 40 years. Nigel's episode explores his more humble beginnings, including hard-working miller ancestors.

Una Stubbs 24th July 2013

The first episode in this year's 'Who Do You Think You Are?' series features the actress Una Stubbs. After starting off as a professional dancer, Una developed her skills further into the art of acting with numerous television and film roles...

Did you have an ancestor who worked on Britain's historic Railways? 10th July 2013

It used to be every young boy's dream to be a steam engine driver and many joined the Railways to achieve their dream or be a part of this exciting, fast developing industry.

A Summer of Family History on TV 9th July 2013

The tenth series of Who Do You Think You Are? starts on BBC One on Wednesday 24 July for a 10 week run, in what promises to be another fascinating series. Also airing is a comedy 'mockumentary' called 'Family Tree' which looks at family history in a more light-hearted manner.

Father's Day - A Popular Worldwide Tradition 30th June 2013

As we approach Father's Day, we've taken a look at this celebrated day and how it became established in our calendar. We also focus on two individuals who have been at the centre of the greetings card industry in the UK, playing their part in the family celebrations we all know and love.

A Pioneer of British Aviation 31st May 2013

To celebrate the new 'Early Aviation Collection' of records, biographies and images that are now uniquely available on TheGenealogist, all fully categorised in one easy to view collection, we've taken a look at one of the trailblazers in the history of early flight in Britain. One of the leading celebrities at the time in Britain was the American showman, Samuel Franklin Cody, and he soon went from a 'cowboy and pistol shot' to 'daring aviator'.

The Roots of the Chelsea Flower Show 30th May 2013

The first Spring 'Chelsea Flower Show' was held at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea in May 1913. This year, the show celebrates its official Centenary with displays of plants from 1913 alongside exciting new plants and garden designs. We take a look at one of the horticultural families behind the show and how hard work didn't always bring rewards.

William Shakespeare - tracing the history of the 'Bard of Avon' 1st May 2013

Most people are familiar with the work of William Shakespeare, but how many really know the man behind the name? For such a celebrity of the time, he had his mysterious side. His actual birth date is a matter of debate, there are a number of years when he simply disappeared out of view with rumours of becoming a school teacher and his wife was left out of his will. With the help of TheGenealogist, we delve deeper into the life of one of Stratford-on-Avon's most famous sons.

Easter Eggs, Banking, and Pottery: Fry's Chocolate Business 1st April 2013

As we approach the Easter Holidays, did you know that an extraordinary 90 million chocolate eggs are now sold in the UK each year? But what is the connection between Easter Eggs, banking and pottery? We discover the links between the families behind three great British businesses!.

Who Do You Think You Are? Live! 2013 1st March 2013

Thank you to everyone who visited us at the Who Do You Think You Are? Live! show, it was a great success - our talks were packed, we released three major recordsets for TheGenealogist, and the Genealogy Supplies stand sold out of many items on the first day!

TheGenealogist.co.uk releases Casualty Records 28th February 2013

Those wounded, captured, missing in action or killed in the Great War can now be traced. Casualty lists cover all ranks from information published by the war office. For the launch the Weekly casualty list containing over 600,000 records are available, which will expand to include the daily lists to cover the entirety of world war one. The current coverage covers the war office's 'weekly casualty lists' from 1917-18 and this will be expanded by the daily casualty lists to cover from September 1914 to the last reports of 1919, as reports were still being published well after the war had officially ceased.

TheGenealogist.co.uk releases War Memorial Records 27th February 2013

We have launched the largest name searchable collection of War Memorial photographs. For the launch there are over 100,000 records available, which is quickly growing to offer more coverage. Records ranging from soldiers lost in the Boer War in 1901 to more modern day conflicts such as in Northern Ireland, there are a number of records to access in our War Memorial collection.

TheGenealogist.co.uk releases British Citizenship Records 26th February 2013

Over 150,000 unique Naturalisation and Denization Records are now available on TheGenealogist with records ranging from 1609 to 1960, over 300 years worth of rare and hard to find records that are now available for family historians. Naturalisation records are an invaluable way of tracking down an ancestor who was born abroad and then settled in the UK. With the political and social upheavals over the last few centuries, many people have made the journey to the UK to start a new life. There's a substantial chance that many family history researchers will discover they have ancestors who originated from overseas.

Peskett & Son: Hugh meets the ancestors 25th February 2013

Wow, who would have thought? Following our article last month and our research into a photograph of the Peskett dairyman we were privileged to meet with Hugh Peskett - the grandson of the gentleman in our picture. During the Who Do You Think You Live 2013 show at Olympia London on Friday 22nd February, Hugh Peskett came in through the main entrance to be faced with a poster of his grandfather amongst the staff of Peskett and son.

Peskett & Son: Using Photographs in your Research 24th February 2013

Don't leave your old photographs gathering dust - dig them out and bring them back to life! With just a name scribbled on the back, the approximate year from the style of clothing, the photographers location and the type of photograph you can learn a lot. From our archives we have picked out this lovely group photograph of local dairymen. We glean the family name as 'Peskett' from above the shop and the cart gives away the location as Ilford. But why leave it there?

Selfridges: one of the first great modern UK retailers 10th January 2013

With the popularity of the new TV series 'Mr Selfridge', TheGenealogist takes a look at one of the first great modern retailers and how they revolutionised shopping in Britain. The fascinating lives of the Selfridge family is well worthy of a television series and is a classic rags to riches story followed by a final fall from grace!

Every year the popular BBC series Who Do You Think You Are? brings us a host of new and exciting stories. We have taken a look at each celebrity as they journey into their family history, and you can read about their discoveries in our articles.


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