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Unlimited access to our extensive collection of thousands of parishes, this currently includes parish records from 43 counties across England and Scotland.

These are available in two main formats, database (Transcripts) and searchable book images (Printed Books).

The database records consist of easily searched transcripts of the original records which allow you to search them on various fields and may also have linked images of the original registers.

The searchable books consist of indexed books that were transcribed and published many years ago, many over 110 years old. These transcript books have then been OCR'd (Optical Character Recognition) to turn the pages into searchable text.

All Diamond subscribers will have priority access to our forthcoming parish records.

Currently Includes


Aldershot (Marriages) 1590-1812

Amport (Marriages) 1665-1812

Basing (Marriages) 1655-1812

Basingstoke (Marriages) 1638-1812

Baughurst (Marriages) 1678-1812

Bentley (Marriages) 1541-1812

Bentworth (Marriages) 1603-1837

Boldre (Marriages) 1596-1813

Brading, Isle Of Wight (Marriages) 1549-1812

Bramley (Marriages) 1580-1812

Bullington (Marriages) 1755-1812

Burghclere (Marriages) 1559-1812

Calbourne, Isle Of Wight (Marriages) 1559-1812

Church Oakley (Marriages) 1565-1812

Cliddesden (Marriages) 1636-1812

Coombe (Marriages) 1560-1812

Crawley (Marriages) 1675-1811

Crondall (Marriages) 1576-1812

Deane (Marriages) 1680-1812

Dogmersfield (Marriages) 1695-1812

Dummer (Marriages) 1541-1812

East Woodhay (Marriages) 1618-1812

Eastrop (Marriages) 1759-1807

Eling (Marriages) 1539-1812

Elvetham (Marriages) 1639-1812

Eversley (Marriages) 1559-1812

Ewhurst (Marriages) 1682-1823

Faccombe (Marriages) 1586-1812

Farnborough (Marriages) 1584-1812

Freshwater, Isle Of Wight (Marriages) 1576-1812

Hannington (Marriages) 1768-1837

Hartley Wespall (Marriages) 1558-1812

Hartley Wintney (Marriages) 1658-1812

Heckfield (Marriages) 1538-1812

Herriard (Marriages) 1665-1812

Highclere (Marriages) 1651-1813

Hunton (Marriages) 1575-1810

Hurstbourne Priors (Marriages) 1604-1812

Hurstbourne Tarrant (Marriages) 1546-1812

Kingsworthy (Marriages) 1538-1812

Knight's Enham (Marriages) 1697-1805

Laverstoke (Marriages) 1657-1811

Linkenholt (Marriages) 1579-1810

Litchfield (Marriages) 1627-1812

Long Sutton (Marriages) 1561-1812

Mapledurwell (Marriages) 1630-1837

Monxton (Marriages) 1716-1811

Nately Scures (Marriages) 1684-1812

Newnham (Marriages) 1754-1812

Newport, Isle Of Wight (Marriages) 1542-1837

Newtown (Marriages) 1679-1811

Niton, Isle Of Wight (Marriages) 1561-1812

North Waltham (Marriages) 1654-1811

Odiham (Marriages) 1538-1812

Overton (Marriages) 1600-1812

Penton Mewsey (Marriages) 1649-1812

Popham (Marriages) 1630-1809

Portsmouth (Marriages) 1654-1775

Preston Candover (Marriages) 1584-1812

Rotherwick (Marriages) 1560-1812

Rowner (Marriages) 1591-1810

Sherborne St John (Marriages) 1653-1812

Sherfield Upon Loddon (Marriages) 1575-1812

Silchester (Marriages) 1654-1812

Sopley (Marriages) 1682-1812

South Warnborough (Marriages) 1539-1811

St Mary Bourne (Marriages) 1662-1812

St Swithun-upon-kingsgate, Winchester (Baptisms) 1562-1773

St Swithun-upon-kingsgate, Winchester (Burials) 1563-1773

Steventon (Marriages) 1604-1812

Stoke Charity (Marriages) 1542-1812

Stratfield Turgis (Marriages) 1672-1809

Stratfieldsaye (Marriages) 1539-1812

Tadley (Marriages) 1691-1812

Tangley (Marriages) 1680-1812

Tufton (Marriages) 1754-1812

Up-nately (Marriages) 1695-1750

Vernham (Marriages) 1607-1812

Westmeon (Marriages) 1538-1800

Weyhill (Marriages) 1536-1812

Whitchurch (Marriages) 1605-1812

Whitwell, Isle Of Wight (Marriages) 1699-1837

Winchester Cathedral (Baptisms) 1599-1811

Winchester Cathedral (Burials) 1580-1812

Winchester Cathedral (Marriages) 1603-1754

Winchester St Bartholomew Hyde (Marriages) 1563-1837

Winchester St Faith With St Cross (Marriages) 1674-1837

Winchester St Lawrence (Marriages) 1754-1812

Winchester St Maurice (Marriages) 1538-1837*UPDATED: January 2018*

Winchester St Michael In The Soke (Marriages) 1632-1812

Winchester St Peter Cheesehill (Marriages) 1597-1837

Winchester St Swithun-upon-kingsgate (Marriages) 1561-1812

Winchester St Thomas (Marriages) 1679-1837*UPDATED: January 2018*

Winchfield (Marriages) 1660-1812

Winslade (Marriages) 1723-1807

Wolverton (Marriages) 1717-1812

Wonston (Marriages) 1571-1812

Woodmancote (Marriages) 1772-1812

Wootton Saint Lawrence (Marriages) 1560-1812

Worting (Marriages) 1609-1812

Yateley (Marriages) 1636-1812

Yaverland (Marriages) 1633-1812

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