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Poll Books give names, addresses, occupations and show how people voted in the election. The Poll Books available on TheGenealogist pre-date the census records and go back as far as the 1700s, making them a valuable resource for family historians.

Most records are searchable book images (Printed Books), which can be searched by name or browsed page by page with the aid of bookmarks. London 2005 and Queensland 1905 Electoral Registers are in database format and are searchable transcripts.

Currently Includes

London 2005 Electoral Roll

Online access to the London electoral roll for 2005. This database gives name, address, postcode, district, as well as other reference codes if available.

Polls & Electoral Rolls Searchable Books

Online access to our Poll and Electoral Books.


Port Phillip 1849 electoral roll


Hertford, East Barnet Register of Electors 1937

Mid Herts Parliamentary Register 1914


East Kent Poll Book 1868

Kent, Maidstone The Register of Electors 1891


Poll Book of Lindsey 1841


London, Westminster 1774 Poll Book

London, Westminster 1818 Poll Book

London, Westminster 1841 Poll Book

The Register of Persons Entitled to Vote in The City of London, 1877


Norfolk 1768 Poll Book

Norfolk 1806 Poll Book

Norfolk 1817 Poll Book


Northampton Poll Book 1831


Northumberland Poll Book 1832


1857 Bath Poll Book


1910 Ramsholt Occupiers List

Suffolk 1710 Poll Book

Suffolk 1790 Poll Book


Parliamentary Borough of Wakefield Autumn Register 1919

Poll Book of the Leeds Borough Election, November 1868

Yorkshire 1741 Poll Book

Yorkshire Election of 1807 The Poll for Knights of the Shire

Yorkshire, West Riding 1835 Poll Book

Yorkshire, York (County) 1807 Poll Book

Yorkshire, York, 1868 Poll Book

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