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Diamond content Mapping the UK 1871 Census
10th March 2023


The 1871 Census for England, Scotland and Wales has, for the first time, been georeferenced on TheGenealogist. This is the process of linking a record to a geographical spot and means you can now see where a household stood with links to detailed maps on the powerful Map Explorer™. This is set to make investigating the places where ancestors lived in this year even more interesting for family and house historians.

Viewing a household record from the 1871 census on TheGenealogist will now show a map pinpointing its location to either house, street or parish level. Clicking through from this preview map opens the powerful Map Explorer™ with its georeferenced modern and historical maps. This then enables subscribers to explore their ancestors' area in much greater detail than on other census sites.

You can find out more about this release in this week's featured article, Putting 1871 on the map.

Diamond content More than 355 Square Miles of additional Lloyd George Domesday Records Released
24th February 2023

We have just released over 134,000 new Lloyd George Domesday land tax records. This latest addition covers more than 355 square miles of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, including areas around Watford, St Albans, and Hemel Hempstead, and extending up to Luton, Dunstable, and Toddington.

These records are an essential resource for family historians and researchers looking to uncover information about their ancestors' properties and landholdings. The newly released records include detailed maps, field books, and accompanying notebooks that provide an invaluable insight into the lives and homes of our ancestors.

Whether you're a seasoned genealogist or just starting your family history journey, these records are an exciting addition to our already extensive collection of historical documents. So, delve into these fascinating records and discover the stories of your ancestors and their properties today!

Diamond content New 1939 Register Records Revealed
10th February 2023

We have just added over 342,500 new records to the 1939 Register for England and Wales, opening previously closed records. Researchers can now see all people born in 1922 opened under the 100 year rule along with those who have passed away since the last release.

Our version of the 1939 Register is matched to our powerful mapping tool Map Explorer™, so that researchers can see more accurately where their ancestor's house was situated on maps down to house, street or parish level, giving more detail than ever before. With its SmartSearch family historians can discover even more from the records in the 1939 Register not just where their ancestors were living as the Second World War began in Britain, but potential birth and death records. You can discover more about this in this week's article.

New 1831 Irish Tithe Defaulters and Irish Parish Registers
13th January 2023

Today we have released 371,400 Kildare Catholic Parish Registers covering baptisms, marriages and burials, which will be a welcome resource for those family historians wanting to research their Irish ancestry from this eastern part of Ireland.

Also released at this time are more than 29,000 individuals recorded as Irish Tithe Defaulters. These records from 1831 can be a useful stand-in for the 1831 Irish census which was almost completely destroyed in 1922.

Tithes were levied on all occupiers of agricultural land, no matter what their religion was and the Roman Catholic population of Ireland particularly resented paying these tithes to the Church of Ireland (the Established Church) on top of often supporting their own priests. Refusal to pay the tithes came to a head in the years 1831 to 1832, beginning what is known as the 'Tithe War' in Ireland. You can discover more about this in this week's article.

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