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In search of Willie Millar 6th August 2008 Family History
My daughter inherited a box of Family History which included a copy of the Family History written by my Great Grandmother Annie Camilla whose sister Alexina was your 2 x Great Grandmother.  Amongst the papers was a letter from SJH Flude written in 1939:

Transcript of letter from S J H Flude July 1st 1939  from 38 Upperton Gardens, Eastbourne
Mrs Flude was a daughter of Alexina Susanna Aitchison (ACA’s sister who married James Bamford Flude (original with Helen Mound) but it is not addressed to anyone so it could have been for any one of ACA’s neices/nephews as it refers to “  …I asked Aunt Annie”
“I believe the brooch and bracelet which were Great Aunt Maria Mundell’s are malachite, not enamel and steele some of the coral is real and some imitation, but I am unlearned in these things.

“I think the present day Portobello is after the style of Margate.  I think our Grandmother must have left Drummore, Musselburgh, when her husband George Aitchison died and his brother William and wife (our Great Aunt Anne) took possession, and gone to Brighton Pl, Portobello, my mother was married from there - Incidentally I have a picture of Drummore have you?

“Later Grandmama lived (I think probably) with Great aunt Maria, I remember the addresses Campden Hill Gardens and Bedford Gardens both in Kensington.  Later Grandmama lived at Roman Cottage, Clapham Common, perhaps to be near my father and mother who were living at Balham, when Cammie, Dick, I and Alice, were born.  She is buried at St Mary’s Cemetery, Clapham.  In the grave (bought by Uncle Jack) there was room for two others.  I asked Aunt Annie if she wished to keep the grave and she declined it.  And we have used it and Cammie’s next to it, holding three, and I may be buried there - !  After Grandmama’s death Aunt Jeannie came to live with us at Hanger Vale, Ealing, and your mother lived with her Uncle William Mundell in Easton Square, London, as you know.  He and Aunt Maria and Uncle Jack lie in Kensall Green Cemetery, Kensington, as you know.

“When aunt Maria was given * her nephews and nieces to take care of, (they were Wards in chancery) she moved into a larger house.  Shilbeach Gardens, Kensington.

 “*Tom Broadwood’s.  Was his wife Isabella?  The Mundells were a large family.

all this family history and more is now in Willie Millar’s possession.  All Annie and I had, gathered too from your Mother, I passed on to him to treasure, so I hope he has.  Excuse untidy mess please.”

I was really upset because I didn't know who Willie Millar was and he apparently had all the rest of the History information. 

A few months later I was reading a magazine which asked for information about Flude/Flood/Floyd families.  I sent a copy of the letter together with the fact that Alexina had married James Bamford Flude.  In return I received a copy of Alexina's will and her marriage settlement record.  I wasn't particularly interested in that line so didn't study them in too much detail.  Then the penny dropped:  SJH Flude was one of the inheritors.

A few weeks later another penny dropped: Alice had preceeded her mother Alexina and so it was her children who were to inherit and they were all Millars including William (Willie Millar !!!) and as he was a nephew of Susanna Julia Helen Flude he had to be the one given the rest of the History stuff.   Peter said his father had some stuff in the loft.  I would love to track it down and see what other things Willie was given.

I set about emailing every Millar in England who had an email address (in those days this was possible).  Peter Millar responded and asked me why I was interested: he gave a potted relationship to Alice which wasn't in fact correct, and I emailed him back with my reasons.  Imagine my delight to open up his next email and find the following photograph appearing before my eyes!

Peter wasn't in fact interested but he put me in touch with John Millar's wife who was also investigating the family ancestry.

Eventually George and I made contact and we have been pursuing the family ever since.  George has since located a photo of Susanna Julia Helen Flude and several of her siblings; and other relatives have come up with other photos of paintings which we share.


Helen Mound

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