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My Story 30th July 2007 Family History
My great  great uncle was just an ordinary man, his name was David Todd, he was born in 1855.
He travelled to Philadelphia in 1913 his occupation was a florist.

In 1915 he was retuning to England to enlist in the army, tragically he was aboard the Lusitania which was torpedoed by the Germans on 7th June 1915 and was drowned.

On a visit to Tealby church my sister and I found his name on the war memorial also in the church his name is on a commemorative plaque.

He was born in the village of Tealby in Lincolnshire, he started his working life with his father and grandfather on the Bayons estate in Tealby which was owned by the Tennyson d Eyncounts.

His father George Todd also has an engraved plaque in the church placed by Ruth Tennyson d Eyncourt for his families work on the estaste over three generations.

I am proud of my ancesters who were just hardworking country people.

Linda Osborne

Linda Osborne

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