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The Mosley family 11th January 2010 Family History
This site has proved invaluable in finding out all about my ancestors, I discovered that my gran was born in Henley workhouse, and that I had an extended family living in three neighboring houses in one street in Derby, and as such discovered family in Australia, America and Poland.

It has proved to be an exciting journey so far as I have been able to locate graves of my grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles etc and pay my respects and also meet up with cousins I never knew existed and thus obtain photographs of relatives I thought I would never get the chance of seeing.

I have also opened up some closets with skeletons in but nothing macabre or sinister, not yet anyhow, Ha!

But I am only at the beginning of laying down the history of my family for my kids and for future generations before it’s all lost or forgotten, and I am enjoying every second of it thanks to The Genealogist site and all the hardworking transcribers that have made it possible.

Cheers to you all, Lynne

lynne connell

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