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WWI 25th April 2007 Family History
I have managed to trace my family roots back to 1760 in the research of my Family Tree.

One of the most interesting finds was a photograph album left by my father, Cyrus John Syred, showing his life when he joined the Royal Navy in 1914, at the age of  16.

The ship he joined was the HMS Vindex which turned out to be a triumph for Naval History,the ship Viking was an Isle Of Man Ferry which was the first ship to be converted to an aircraft carrier.

Flight Lt. H. F. Fowler, in a Bristol Scout, made the first take off from an aircraft carrier in time of War.
It was a romantic period of time when aeroplanes made out of canvas and wood, engaged gigantic airships better known as Zeppelins.

When the Sopwith pups returned to the mother ship, they had to land in the sea and be lifted by cranes on to the ship. The Short 184 and 164 had floats and had no trouble with landing in the water.

Many of the ship and their aircrafts triumphs were engaged in bombing raids of Zeppelin bases on the Danish coast.

Last month I was contacted by a researcher of the Isle Of Man museum. He had heard through the grape vine that I held this historic album. He in formed me he was doing an exhibition of the Isle Of Man First World War ferries and asked if I could supply him with the photos in the album, which I did.

Many years ago I was approached by the royal Fleet Arm Museum with a similar request. I have enclosed a photo of the first take off from an Aircraft Carrier.

John Syred

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