The Genealogist Research Guide

Initially, when you log into your account, you will see the Research View page as your default, but there are also other areas to explore such as the Forum, where you can talk to other subscribers and help each other with research problems or advice on how to use the site.

Community View

In the Community View area, you will find links to social networking sites, historical articles featured in email newsletters, and subscriber stories where you can read people's research stories and submit your own. The best articles submitted will win S&N vouchers and feature in our email newsletters. Our historical articles show how famous ancestors such as Florence Nightingale and the Brontë sisters can be traced online. To access the featured articles section, click on the link below:

Research Log & TreeView

The Research Log tab lets you store information for future reference, and TreeView takes you to a free program that enables you to build your family tree on your computer.

TreeView has it's own help guide, please click on the link below to view this:

My Account

The My Account section is where you can amend your details including your registered email address and password, check details of your current and past subscriptions (under Subscription Information), submit new card details, buy more subscriptions, view the credit information table to find out how credits are used and contact us if you have any questions which are not answered in the help pages.