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Learn how you can refine your search down to the one record you're after, using keywords and event filters.

Find a Family in the Census

Hit a brick wall with a common surname? Learn how to search for a family using just their forenames.

Searching by Address or Street

Search census records using a street name or address - this is great for tracing a house through the census years or to see if any relatives are living nearby!

Using Smart Search

You can use Smart Search to jump from one record to another, discovering new ancestors in seconds!

Using TreeView

Getting started with TreeView

Importing your Tree from another program

Learn how to import your tree into TreeView from another genealogy program or service.

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New Releases - February 2013, Who Do You Think You Are? Live!

Nick Thorne of The Nosey Genealogist interviewed Mark Bayley about TheGenealogist's three major releases at the Who Do You Think You Are? Live! show in February 2013.

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