Firefox: PDF Viewer

Since version 19, FireFox comes with its own PDF viewer which replaces the default Adobe PDF.

Unfortunately this new viewer is both slower and removes useful functionality. For this reason we currently recommend that you follow the following instructions to swap back to the Adobe PDF viewer.

The following are known issues which may occur:

  • Very slow performance to render and zoom an image.
  • Image loads but is corrupted. This can often look like 2 copies of the image overlaid on each other.

Changing back to Acrobat PDF

1. Open up the options menu

2. Click the Applications tab on the window that opens

3. Type 'pdf' into the search box, then click on the selection box next to 'Portable Document Format (PDF)' and select either 'Use Adobe Reader (in Firefox)' or 'Use Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox)'

If you want to download the latest Adobe Reader you may do it here.

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