I am having issues with Windows 8 and Internet Explorer

Option 1: Internet Explorer Metro (Best avoided if you don't have a touchscreen)

Please Note: We are aware of an issue where images are failing to load correctly while using this mode.

Clicking on the large 'Internet Explorer' symbol from this home screen will open The Internet Explorer App.

This lets you browse pages from the internet but it is tailored for a touchscreen device like a tablet PC.

If you open more than one page at a time (e.g. clicking on the ‘Treeview’ button) it will open both pages but you can only see one page at a time. To change pages move the mouse to the very top of the screen and Right-Click.

This will open up the menu shown where you can swap back and forth between open pages.

Option 2: Internet Explorer Desktop (Better)

The other way of seeing internet explorer is to click on “Desktop”

Then click on the Internet Explorer symbol in the bottom left hand corner of the screen

Once started in this way pages can be opened as they worked on previous versions of Windows, with the ability to have more than one page open at a time

Option 3: Google Chrome (Best)

Download and install Google Chrome from by following the instructions given: www.google.co.uk/chrome

Once installed start it however you want, through the main app view or from the desktop.

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