What information does your site collect and hold about me?

We maintain the information provided by each subscriber when they sign up. Subscribers have the facility to update any of their data at any time whilst logged in to the service.

This site is run by Genealogy Supplies (Jersey) Ltd and is part of The S&N group of companies. Any information gathered from subscribers will remain with The S&N Group and will not be divulged to third parties without seeking your permission. Your email address will not be made public without your express permission.

You can unsubscribe from our email news service at any time by going to the Change my Details link on the My Subscriptions page when you are logged in.

Each time you sign in to the service a cookie is set. This contains a small code cross-referenced with your user details. There is no way anybody else could identify you or your computer from this code.

We do, however, log the queries done on the site by every user so royalties can be paid for licensed data and service-monitoring can take place.

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