Books for May 2019

Books for May 2019

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Discover Your Ancestors

All Things Georgian

Joanne Major & Sarah Murden • £25
Pen & Sword

All Things Georgian

Take a romp through the long eighteenth-century in this collection of 25 short tales. Meet actresses, whores and high-born ladies, politicians, inventors, royalty and criminals as we travel through the Georgian era in all its glorious and gruesome glory. In roughly chronological order, covering the reign of the four Georges, 1714-1830 and set within the framework of the main events of the era, these tales are accompanied by over 100 colour illustrations.

Images of The National Archives: Suffragettes

Lauren Wilmott • £14.99
Pen & Sword

1918 was a watershed moment for the development of British democracy: for the first time, some women could vote. The occasion marked the culmination of a 50-year long and arduous struggle of thousands of women and men up and down the country. Using unique documents and images held at The National Archives, this book delves into the world of suffrage and traces the journey of these thousands of individuals, fighting to achieve women’s rights in a man’s world, and how they were ultimately able to emerge largely victorious.

But for the Sake of a Tiny Wasp

Beryl Callon • £12.99

This is a deeply emotional story of Ron, an East End evacuee who, along with his five-year-old brother, Len, and two elder sisters was unceremoniously plucked from a loving family and evacuated to West Sussex. The book is a simple, but honest, personal account of real-life evacuee experiences revealing how the happy memories, traumas, moments of loneliness, unhappiness and fear all had a lifelong effect on his future development as an individual.

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