Books for June2018

Books for June2018

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Discover Your Ancestors

How to Research Historic Occupations

Andrew Chapman • £4.99

How to Research Historic Occupations

This 40-page guide is packed with useful research information relating to dozens of occupations, covering around 90% of the Victorian population – there are listings of resources for almost 70 different groups of trades. The book also has an extended introduction to the many resources available for researching different aspects of occupational history in general.

London’s East End: A Guide for Family & Local Historians

Jonathan Oates • £14.99
Pen & Sword

Jonathan Oates’s handbook is the ideal guide to the East End’s complex, rich and varied story and it is an essential source for anyone who wants to find out about an East End ancestor or carry out their own research into the area.,/p>

He outlines in vivid detail the development of the neighbourhoods that constitute the East End. In a series of information-filled chapters, he explores East End industries and employment – the docks, warehouses, factories, markets and shops. Throughout the book details are given of the records that researchers can consult.

London at War 1939-1945: A Nation’s Capital Survives

Alan Jeffreys • £24.99

Through powerful and rarely seen images, some of which have never been published before, this publication is a highly visual and accessible history of life in the capital during the Second World War. It draws on original materials from the Imperial War Museums archive, and features people’s intimate thoughts and commentaries of the time.

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