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Y-DNA testing can confirm your genealogical connections on your direct paternal lineage and expand your understanding of your deepest paternal ancestral origins. Because your Y-DNA has been passed on to you generation after generation by your direct paternal ancestors, it offers the most exact information possible for this line.


View your Y-DNA match list, and connect with genetic cousins. If your DNA has exact or close matches to other results in the database, you will see a list with the names, e-mail addresses and the level of matching, so that you can contact them and exchange genealogical information.

Y-DNA Matches

Ancestral Origins:

View the ancestry information for your Y-DNA matches. Based on your matches, results pages include Ancestral Origins and Haplogroup Origins lists that provide hints of your direct paternal line's recent ancestral origins. The magnitude and content of the list will depend on the level of uniqueness of your sample in the database.

Y-DNA Ancestral Origins

Haplogroup Origins:

View the haplogroup information for your matches from one of the Y-DNA STR (Short Tandem Repeat) tests. Results for all standard Y-STR tests include your predicted Y-DNA haplogroup, i.e., your paternal line's deep ancestral origin. If they cannot predict the haplogroup with 100% certainty, they will run a SNP test free of charge to determine it.

Y-DNA Haplogroup Origins

Matches Maps:

Access maps of the locations for you and your matches' paternal and maternal ancestors.

Y-DNA Matches Maps

Migration Maps:

Maps show your direct paternal ancestors' historic and anthropological migrations.

Y-DNA Migration Maps

Printable Certificates

View and print your Y-DNA Results certificate(s) and supporting documents.

Y-DNA Understanding Results Y-DNA Certificates Migration Map Y-DNA Certificates SNP Y-DNA Certificates STR

SNP Map:

View a distribution map of Y-DNA SNPs.