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Unlimited access to our extensive collection of thousands of parishes, this currently includes parish records from 43 counties across England and Scotland.

These are available in two main formats, database (Transcripts) and searchable book images (Printed Books).

The database records consist of easily searched transcripts of the original records which allow you to search them on various fields and may also have linked images of the original registers.

The searchable books consist of indexed books that were transcribed and published many years ago, many over 110 years old. These transcript books have then been OCR'd (Optical Character Recognition) to turn the pages into searchable text.

All Diamond subscribers will have priority access to our forthcoming parish records.

Currently Includes


Ansley St Laurence (Banns) 1762-1881

Ansley St Laurence (Marriages) 1754-1881

Anstey (Marriages) 1591-1812

Ansty St James (Banns) 1773-1873

Ansty St James (Marriages) 1754-1881

Arley St Wilfrid (Marriages) 1754-1881

Astley St Mary The Virgin (Banns) 1799-1871

Astley St Mary The Virgin (Marriages) 1755-1881

Atherstone On Stour (Marriages) 1611-1810

Atherstone St Mary (Marriages) 1758-1881

Attleborough Holy Trinity (Marriages) 1854-1881

Austrey St Nicholas (Marriages) 1754-1881

Baddesley Ensor St Nicholas (Marriages) 1754-1881

Barton-on-the-heath (Marriages) 1577-1810

Baxterley (Marriages) 1755-1881

Beaudesert (Baptisms) 1607-1812

Beaudesert (Burials) 1607-1812

Beaudesert (Marriages) 1609-1837

Bedworth All Saints (Marriages) 1753-1881

Bentley St John (Marriages) 1837-1872

Bishops Tachbrook (Marriages) 1521-1812

Bourton On Dunsmore (Marriages) 1560-1813

Brinklow St John The Baptist (Marriages) 1756-1871

Bulkington St James (Banns) 1756-1823

Bulkington St James (Marriages) 1754-1881

Burton Hastings St Botolph (Banns) 1774-1875

Burton Hastings St Botolph (Marriages) 1754-1881

Butlers Marston (Marriages) 1539-1812

Caldecote St Theobald & St Chad (Marriages) 1758-1881

Charlecote (Marriages) 1543-1811

Chilvers Coton All Saints (Banns) 1755-1881

Chilvers Coton All Saints (Marriages) 1754-1881

Church Lawford St Peter (Marriages) 1756-1862

Churchover Holy Trinity (Marriages) 1806-1881

Coleshill St Peter & St Paul (Marriages) 1754-1881

Corley (Marriages) 1754-1881

Coventry Holy Trinity (Marriages) 1754-1880

Coventry St Michael & All Angels (Marriages) 1760-1882

Curdworth St Nicholas & St Peter Ad Vincula (Marriages) 1754-1881

Ettington (Marriages) 1623-1812

Exhall St Giles (Marriages) 1764-1873

Fenny Compton (Marriages) 1627-1811

Fenny Drayton St Michael & All Angels (Marriages) 1754-1865

Fillongley St Mary & All Saints (Marriages) 1755-1881

Foleshill St Laurence (Marriages) 1755-1880

Great Packington St James (Marriages) 1754-1881

Grendon All Saints (Banns) 1758-1881

Grendon All Saints (Marriages) 1754-1881

Halford (Marriages) 1552-1812

Hartshill Holy Trinity (Marriages) 1848-1881

Hatton (Marriages) 1558-1812

Honington (Marriages) 1548-1812

Idlicote (Marriages) 1557-1812

Kingsbury St Peter & St Paul (Banns) 1816-1881

Kingsbury St Peter & St Paul (Marriages) 1754-1881

Knowle (Baptisms) 1682-1812

Knowle (Burials) 1682-1812

Knowle (Marriages) 1682-1812

Lea Marston St John The Baptist (Marriages) 1754-1877

Leamington Priors (Marriages) 1704-1812

Little Packington St Bartholomew (Marriages) 1753-1881

Long Compton (Marriages) 1608-1812

Mancetter St Peter (Banns) 1778-1873

Mancetter St Peter (Marriages) 1754-1881

Maxstoke St Michael & All Angels (Banns) 1774-1820

Maxstoke St Michael & All Angels (Marriages) 1755-1880

Merevale St Mary The Virgin (Marriages) 1754-1881

Meriden St Laurence (Marriages) 1786-1879

Middleton St John The Baptist (Banns) 1759-1877*UPDATED: December 2016*

Middleton St John The Baptist (Marriages) 1754-1881

Monks Kirby St Edith (Banns) 1754-1875

Monks Kirby St Edith (Marriages) 1754-1881

Nether Whitacre St Giles (Marriages) 1756-1881

Newton Regis St Mary (Banns) 1768-1870

Newton Regis St Mary (Marriages) 1754-1881

Nuneaton St Mary (Marriages) 1878-1881

Nuneaton St Nicolas (Banns) 1757-1857

Nuneaton St Nicolas (Marriages) 1754-1881

Over Whitacre St Leonard (Marriages) 1753-1880

Polesworth (Marriages) 1868-1869

Polesworth St Editha (Marriages) 1754-1881

Priors Hardwick (Marriages) 1662-1812

Rowington (Baptisms) 1612-1812

Rowington (Burials) 1612-1812

Rowington (Marriages) 1612-1812

Seckington All Saints (Marriages) 1756-1881

Shilton St Andrew (Banns) 1812-1870

Shilton St Andrew (Marriages) 1754-1881

Shustoke St Cuthbert (Marriages) 1754-1881

Shuttington St Matthew (Marriages) 1757-1881

Snitterfield (Marriages) 1561-1812

St Peter's, Birmingham (Baptisms) 1657-1830

St Peter's, Birmingham (Burials) 1657-1792

St Peter's, Birmingham (Marriages) 1657-1804

Stockingford St Paul (Marriages) 1824-1881

Stratford On Avon (Burials) 1558-1652

Stratford-on-avon (Banns) 1655-1658

Stratford-on-avon (Baptisms) 1558-1652

Stratford-on-avon (Marriages) 1558-1812

Temple Grafton (Marriages) 1612-1811

Walsgrave On Sowe St Mary (Marriages) 1758-1858

Warton Holy Trinity (Marriages) 1849-1882

Weddington (Baptisms) 1663-1813

Weddington (Burials) 1663-1812

Weddington (Marriages) 1674-1806

Weddington St James (Marriages) 1770-1880

Whitchurch (Marriages) 1562-1812

Willey St Leonard (Marriages) 1753-1881

Wilnecote Holy Trinity (Marriages) 1851-1881

Wishaw St Chad (Marriages) 1754-1879

Withybrook All Saints (Marriages) 1754-1881

Wolvey St John The Baptist (Banns) 1786-1881

Wolvey St John The Baptist (Marriages) 1752-1881

Wootton Wawen Warwickshire 1786-1843 [Book]

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