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Unlimited access to our extensive collection of thousands of parishes, this currently includes parish records from 43 counties across England and Scotland.

These are available in two main formats, database (Transcripts) and searchable book images (Printed Books).

The database records consist of easily searched transcripts of the original records which allow you to search them on various fields and may also have linked images of the original registers.

The searchable books consist of indexed books that were transcribed and published many years ago, many over 110 years old. These transcript books have then been OCR'd (Optical Character Recognition) to turn the pages into searchable text.

All Diamond subscribers will have priority access to our forthcoming parish records.

Currently Includes


Addington (Banns) 1774-1807

Addington (Baptisms) 1560-1812

Addington (Burials) 1559-1812

Addington (Marriages) 1561-1812

Banstead (Baptisms) 1547-1750

Banstead (Burials) 1548-1789

Banstead (Marriages) 1547-1753

Caterham (Baptisms) 1535-1837

Caterham (Burials) 1543-1837

Caterham (Marriages) 1543-1832

Diamond Logo Cheam in Surrey 1755-1788 [Book]

Chelsham (Banns) 1761-1811

Chelsham (Baptisms) 1669-1812

Chelsham (Burials) 1680-1812

Chelsham (Marriages) 1681-1811

Chipstead (Baptisms) 1656-1812

Chipstead (Burials) 1656-1812

Chipstead (Marriages) 1663-1810

Coulsdon (Baptisms) 1660-1812

Coulsdon (Burials) 1655-1812

Coulsdon (Marriages) 1655-1812

Farleigh (Baptisms) 1679-1812

Farleigh (Burials) 1679-1812

Farleigh (Marriages) 1680-1797

Gatton (Baptisms) 1600-1812

Gatton (Burials) 1600-1811

Gatton (Marriages) 1599-1812

Godalming (Baptisms) 1564-1688

Godalming (Burials) 1541-1686

Godalming (Marriages) 1542-1688

Haslemere (Baptisms) 1594-1812*UPDATED: February 2021*

Haslemere (Burials) 1573-1812

Haslemere (Marriages) 1573-1812

Merstham (Baptisms) 1531-1812

Merstham (Burials) 1530-1813

Merstham (Marriages) 1542-1812

Morden (Baptisms) 1634-1812

Morden (Burials) 1634-1812

Morden (Marriages) 1634-1812

Putney (Banns) 1653-1657

Putney (Baptisms) 1620-1812

Putney (Burials) 1620-1812

Putney (Marriages) 1620-1870

Richmond (Baptisms) 1583-1780

Richmond (Burials) 1584-1780

Richmond (Marriages) 1583-1780

Sanderstead (Baptisms) 1565-1813

Sanderstead (Burials) 1567-1812

Sanderstead (Marriages) 1564-1811

Stoke D'abernon (Banns) 1755-1811

Stoke D'abernon (Baptisms) 1619-1812

Stoke D'abernon (Burials) 1619-1812

Stoke D'abernon (Marriages) 1620-1812

Diamond Logo Sutton (Baptisms) 1636-1837

Diamond Logo Sutton (Burials) 1636-1837

Diamond Logo Sutton (Marriages) 1637-1837

Tatsfield (Baptisms) 1674-1812

Tatsfield (Burials) 1691-1812

Tatsfield (Marriages) 1689-1806

Titsey (Baptisms) 1579-1812

Titsey (Burials) 1586-1812

Titsey (Marriages) 1581-1810

Wanborough (Baptisms) 1561-1774

Wanborough (Burials) 1591-1786

Wanborough (Marriages) 1561-1668

Diamond Logo Wandsworth (Baptisms) 1603-1787

Diamond Logo Wandsworth (Burials) 1603-1787

Diamond Logo Wandsworth (Marriages) 1603-1996

Warlingham (Banns) 1770-1808

Warlingham (Baptisms) 1653-1812

Warlingham (Burials) 1666-1812

Warlingham (Marriages) 1667-1812

Diamond Logo Windlesham (Baptisms) 1677-1783

Diamond Logo Windlesham (Burials) 1646-1783

Diamond Logo Windlesham (Marriages) 1695-1753

Woldingham (Baptisms) 1766-1812

Woldingham (Burials) 1765-1811

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