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Unlimited access to our extensive collection of thousands of parishes, this currently includes parish records from 43 counties across England and Scotland.

These are available in two main formats, database (Transcripts) and searchable book images (Printed Books).

The database records consist of easily searched transcripts of the original records which allow you to search them on various fields and may also have linked images of the original registers.

The searchable books consist of indexed books that were transcribed and published many years ago, many over 110 years old. These transcript books have then been OCR'd (Optical Character Recognition) to turn the pages into searchable text.

All Diamond subscribers will have priority access to our forthcoming parish records.

Currently Includes


Ab-kettleby-cum-holwell (Marriages) 1580-1811

Diamond Logo Appleby Magna St Michael & All Angels (Marriages) 1757-1874

Asfordby (Marriages) 1564-1837

Ashby Folville (Marriages) 1584-1837

Ashby Parva (Marriages) 1589-1836

Aylestone (Marriages) 1561-1837

Barkby (Marriages) 1561-1812

Diamond Logo Barkestone (Baptisms) 1780-1812

Diamond Logo Barkestone (Burials) 1780-1962

Diamond Logo Barkestone (Marriages) 1755-1996

Barkston (Marriages) 1574-1837

Diamond Logo Barkstone (Baptisms) 1813-1871

Barrow-on-soar (Marriages) 1563-1837

Barsby (Marriages) 1818-1837

Diamond Logo Barwell St Mary (Marriages) 1801-1880

Beeby (Marriages) 1538-1836

Beey (Marriages) 1656-1689

Belgrave (Marriages) 1561-1894

Diamond Logo Birstall (Baptisms) 1565-1619

Diamond Logo Birstall (Burials) 1562-1579

Birstall (Marriages) 1575-1837

Bitteswell (Marriages) 1558-1836

Blaby (Marriages) 1568-1837

Diamond Logo Bottesford (Banns) 1654-1799

Diamond Logo Bottesford (Baptisms) 1722-1853

Diamond Logo Bottesford (Burials) 1659-1995

Diamond Logo Bottesford (Marriages) 1722-1912

Branston (Marriages) 1592-1839

Braunston (Marriages) 1561-1837

Diamond Logo Burbage St Catherine (Marriages) 1777-1872

Burrough (Marriages) 1612-1837

Catthorpe (Marriages) 1573-1836

Diamond Logo Claybrooke Magna St Peter (Marriages) 1775-1870

Diamond Logo Congerston (Banns) 1764-1769

Congerston (Marriages) 1756-1812

Cossington (Marriages) 1754-1837

Coston (Marriages) 1561-1810

Croxton Kerrial (Marriages) 1558-1837

Diamond Logo Eastwell (Baptisms) 1585-1843

Diamond Logo Eastwell (Burials) 1590-1988

Diamond Logo Eastwell (Marriages) 1564-1990

Eaton (Marriages) 1724-1837

Evington (Marriages) 1601-1837

Freeby (Marriages) 1601-1775

Frisby-on-the Wreak (Marriages) 1659-1836

Frowlesworth (Marriages) 1540-1847

Gaddesby (Marriages) 1569-1812

Gilmorton (Marriages) 1611-1837

Glenfield (Marriages) 1604-1837

Goadby Marwood (Marriages) 1657-1837

Great Dalby (Marriages) 1581-1864

Grimston (Marriages) 1632-1837

Diamond Logo Harby (Baptisms) 1803-1976

Diamond Logo Harby (Burials) 1803-1963

Diamond Logo Harby (Marriages) 1755-1837

Harston (Marriages) 1707-1837

Diamond Logo Higham On The Hill St Peter (Marriages) 1766-1877

Diamond Logo Hinckley St Mary (Marriages) 1754-1871

Hoby (Marriages) 1566-1812

Diamond Logo Hose (Baptisms) 1688-1894

Diamond Logo Hose (Burials) 1688-1957

Diamond Logo Hose (Marriages) 1688-1837

Hoton (Marriages) 1654-1826

Houghton-on-the-hill (Marriages) 1584-1836

Humberstone (Marriages) 1559-1837

Hungerton (Marriages) 1614-1836

Keyham (Marriages) 1568-1836

Kirby Bellars (Marriages) 1714-1836

Kirby Muxloe (Marriages) 1561-1836

Knighton (Marriages) 1668-1837

Diamond Logo Knipton (Baptisms) 1696-1885

Diamond Logo Knipton (Burials) 1696-1973

Diamond Logo Knipton (Marriages) 1696-1837

Leire (Marriages) 1559-1836

Little Dalby (Marriages) 1559-1811

Diamond Logo Long Clawson (Baptisms) 1734-1901

Diamond Logo Long Clawson (Burials) 1734-1993

Diamond Logo Long Clawson (Marriages) 1754-1975

Diamond Logo Lowesby With Cold Newton (Banns) 1782-1791

Lowesby With Cold Newton (Marriages) 1658-1838

Diamond Logo Lutterworth St Mary (Marriages) 1760-1878

Diamond Logo Market Bosworth St Peter (Marriages) 1767-1877

Diamond Logo Melton Mowbray (Banns) 1654-1656

Diamond Logo Melton Mowbray (Marriages) 1651-1657

Mountsorrel (Marriages) 1604-1837

Muston (Marriages) 1562-1812

Nether Broughton (Marriages) 1577-1837

Diamond Logo Norton Juxta Twycross Holy Trinity (Marriages) 1758-1878

Old Dalby (Marriages) 1725-1837

Diamond Logo Orton On The Hill St Edith (Marriages) 1754-1875

Owston-cum-newbold Saucy (Marriages) 1681-1837

Pickwell (Marriages) 1538-1841

Diamond Logo Plungar (Baptisms) 1696-1930

Diamond Logo Plungar (Burials) 1696-1728

Diamond Logo Plungar (Marriages) 1696-1837

Prestwold (Marriages) 1560-1910

Queniborough (Marriages) 1562-1836

Quorndon (Marriages) 1576-1834

Ragdale (Marriages) 1731-1836

Ratby (Marriages) 1695-1812

Diamond Logo Ratcliffe Culey All Saints (Marriages) 1788-1878

Ratcliffe-on-the-wreak (Marriages) 1698-1837

Rearsby (Marriages) 1654-1837

Diamond Logo Redmile (Baptisms) 1654-1912

Diamond Logo Redmile (Burials) 1653-1900

Diamond Logo Redmile (Marriages) 1654-1937

Rotherby (Marriages) 1568-1812

Rothley (Marriages) 1562-1939

Saxby (Marriages) 1680-1839

Saxelbye (Marriages) 1555-1837

Scalford (Marriages) 1559-1811

Scraptoft (Marriages) 1539-1812

Seagrave (Marriages) 1682-1836

Sharnford (Marriages) 1565-1837

Diamond Logo Sharnford St Helen (Marriages) 1761-1872

Diamond Logo Sheepy Magna All Saints (Marriages) 1757-1879

Sibson (Marriages) 1569-1812

Diamond Logo Sibson St Botolph (Marriages) 1766-1880

Sileby (Marriages) 1563-1934

Somerby (Marriages) 1602-1812

South Croxton (Marriages) 1662-1837

Diamond Logo St Mary The Virgin Harby (Baptisms) 1960-1964

Diamond Logo St Mary's Harby (Baptisms) 1946-1949

Stapleford (Marriages) 1654-1837

Diamond Logo Stathern (Baptisms) 1813-1987

Diamond Logo Stathern (Burials) 1800-1987

Diamond Logo Stathern (Marriages) 1813-1837

Stoughton (Marriages) 1537-1835

Swithland (Marriages) 1624-1837

Syston (Marriages) 1639-1915

Thorpe Arnold With Brentingby (Marriages) 1558-1840

Thrussington (Marriages) 1661-1812

Thurcaston-cum-cropston (Marriages) 1562-1836

Thurmaston (Marriages) 1721-1837

Thurnby-cum-bushby (Marriages) 1564-1836

Tilton-on-the-hill (Marriages) 1631-1836

Diamond Logo Twycross St James (Marriages) 1764-1873

Twyford-cum-thorpe Satchville (Marriages) 1562-1812

Diamond Logo Walton-on-the-wolds (Banns) 1754-1791

Walton-on-the-wolds (Marriages) 1568-1836

Wanlip (Marriages) 1563-1836

Wartnaby (Marriages) 1635-1838

Wigston Magna (Marriages) 1567-1866

Withcote (Marriages) 1713-1836

Woodhouse (Marriages) 1625-1838

Wyfordby (Marriages) 1558-1836

Wykeham-cum-caldwell (Marriages) 1623-1836

Wymeswold (Marriages) 1560-1859

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