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Occupational Lists

Occupational Records can provide a greater insight into the lives of your ancestors. They can be used to complement census records, and as some contain address details and pre-date 1841 they are a valuable substitute for the pre-census years.

Records are book images (Printed Books), with search tools that enable you to enter a name and view results within the records, or browse through the images with the aid of bookmarks.

Includes Apprenticeship records, Bankruptcy, Clergy, Civil Service, Teachers, Directors, Actors & Playwrights, Medical, Law, Sports, Pilot Certificates, Railway Employment Records, and more, with years ranging from 1066 to 1929.

Currently Includes

Occupation Dictionary

Occupation Dictionary

Ship Crew Lists

Online access to Crew Lists

The Royal Aero Club Year Book 1914

The Royal Aero Club Year Book 1915-16

The Royal Aero Club Year Book 1917-19

The Royal Aero Club Year Book 1920-23

The Royal Aero Club Year Book 1924-26

Guilds, Societies And People Of Note

Directory of the Independent Order of Oddfellows, 1908-1909

Rules and Regulations Office-Bearers and Members Weavers' Society of Anderston 1901

The Masonic Directory and Cyclopedia of History 1885

The Arts

The Writers' and Artists' Year-Book 1908

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